Wednesday, March 12, 2014

she's here!!

as soon as the fog lifted 

and the sun came shining though

I think it is really starting to happen...

I believe spring has finally come!!

  and isn't it glorious!!!!


new in the little ZiBagz shop

each of us has fire in our hearts for something
find it and keep it lit!

♦Mary Lou Retton

night poured over the desert.
it came suddenly .. in purple
in the clear air .. the stars drilled down out of the sky

♦.. Terry Pratchett ~ Jingo



windrock studio said...

It is glorious ... not here yet. I really like your spring color but the foggy image, too, and, of course, your new clutches! Fabulous!

andrea creates said...

Beautiful bags!!and photos :)
We were teased with warm,sunny,70 ish weather yesterday and today it's freezing and snowing!

Lisa Graham said...

Spring really is very welcome to come and stay for as long as it wants this year. Winter seemed very long.

Lovely photos, lovely bags!!!