Friday, January 25, 2013

Rose Colored Glasses

... when skies are gray ..................... ♦♦

Anna made me a few hangers for my bottles
add a new thrift find 

taaa daaaa

Happy Window!!


New in the little ZiBagz Shop

To behold the wandering moon
Riding near her highest noon
Like one that had been led astray
Through the heav'n's wide pathless way
And oft, as if her head she bowed
Stooping through a fleecy cloud.

•John Milton•

if they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin'
watched those cotton candy clouds roll by
they'd know why I live beneath these Western Skies

•Chris Ledoux•

Hope you have a Most Glorious 
and Sunny 


andrea creates said...

love the bottle hangers! such a pretty window...

the fringe is such a fun detail on your new bags :)

thanks for stopping by!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Charming and fun bags. The light shining through the colored glass is peaceful.

windrock studio said...

~ nice fringe! ~
and pretty window, too.

found and sewn said...

love your ne work, you photograph them beautifully

Valerie Boersma said...

The light through that window must be gorgeous when the sun shines through (and it will!) and even when it isn't the colors of the glass are beautiful on their own!

I am really loving your new work-and the way you photographed it is pretty stunning too!

Happy early spring Lisa! :)

Lori P said...

The bags are adorable! Love your combinations and, of course, I'm loving that glasswork, too. Have a great week.

koralee said...

What sweet little bottle hangers but more importantly..Your bags are what you are doing! Leather fringe is awesome! Happy monday.