Tuesday, January 29, 2013

.. highlights ..

... just a few new fancies in the ZiBagz shop

Recreated and redesigned treasures 
from the past to live a new life apart from time. 
These treasures have been thoughtfully upcycled 
so the eco side of you will be pleasantly pleased! 


Lavender Sachets

_______  _______
new photos for my shoulder bags ... 

The sun was shining for a couple of hours 
we so had to take advantage of it!
While at Nisqually we noticed a few promising signs 
that spring is not too far away...

little woolly catapillar

little leaf bud .. and it is trying to get out
I hope it doesn't freeze.... 

we weren't the only ones to enjoy the day
a chubby little seal was catching some rays too!

hope you are having a splendid week

........ enjoy ........


windrock studio said...

I'm so happy that you share your beautiful world! We had more snow today and pretty cold, I decided to just stay inside all day ... because I could!
You sure found a good spot to take those photos of the bigger bags, perfect!

Yael said...

Hi Lisa - the names of your creations are as delicious and as lovely as the creations themselves!
How sweet those birds are! :-)
Have a good day!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Love your environment--and your work!

Louise said...

I LOVE your new bags! They are divine!!!

andrea creates said...

those sachets are so cute!!
you've been very busy~ what a great collection of bags :)

Introverted Art said...

the bird Sachets are stunning. I have to check out your Etsy.

mama bleu said...

love your photos of the world around you that's beginning to show signs of Spring!

kt40s said...

have i mentioned how much i love your birds! i still remember the first ones you shared:)
that fat seal is too funny must be finding some nice NW fish.
i love the fridge on your bags so you, so cool!
xo katy

Unknown said...

your blog is beautiful and I love your flower embellished bags!!!
xo Miriam