Friday, April 20, 2012

the studio

the air is full of ideas
they are knocking you in the head all the time
you only have to know what you want
then forget about it
and go about your business
the idea will come through
it was there all the time
Henry Ford

I wonder ...
what can you tell about a person by looking at their work space?

where they create?

It has been said
"... extraordinary women pay attention to the details of their work spaces
making sure that they surround themselves with visually stimulating inspiration
and unique organizational systems"

hummm... made me step back and examine my "studio"

I call this organized clutter
it's kind of how I think though
lots of stuff roaming around in my head
little pockets of ideas here and there

I create best when surrounded by things I love
thus you see many old photos around
fun treasures I have gathered
my dad made me my cool fabric shelves
and wooden drawers

I love baskets
or as a friend of ours said as he was helping 
load our belongings into the moving truck 
earlier this year
.. lots and lots of "wickery"

my gram painted the daisy and clover picture
truly a treasure

every creative space should have a pin board

is excitement with 
and a pinch of creativity
Bo Bennett

stashes of awesome fabric
just begging to be transformed

is the beginning of creation
you imagine what you desire
you will what you imagine 
and at last
you create what you will
George Bernard Shaw

I am not a "frilly" girly girl
but I love lace .. especially old crochet 
and tatting

I keep this reminder right next to my sewing machine
it's a classic by Susan Mrosek at Pondering Pool

its a bit hard to read
is says
"The abduction was clean and swift.
I never knew what took me.
I'm still waiting my return."

so true • so true

What's in your think space?


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

If I could just sneak into your studio--I'd bring the brownies and a big thermos of looks GREAT!

Louise said...

Lisa just absolutely delightful! How I'd love to be a little piece of thread, hidden away, watching the creations unfold. What a beautiful space and equally beautiful words!

found and sewn said...

Love the look of your workspace.... looks very tidy to me! So many lovely fabrics

Valerie Boersma said...

Lisa-thanks for showing your work space. After seeing it, I can see the inspiration behind your beautiful work. What a wonderful place to create in!

kt40s said...

i love your space it is so cozy and inviting i can see how it ends up producing all the beauties that go into your shop!

windrock studio said...

Girl, you are so of my heart!! Any space of mine is much the same ... lots of open shelves and stacks so I can see things, much wickery! and, of course, a pin board. love the parts made by your dad, too, how special.

andrea creates said...

your space looks very organized compared to mine.i love the baskets!!
this reminds me i need to get to work on my studio ;)