Friday, April 27, 2012



Anna has been working hard in the yard
 .. getting her hands dirty!
For the most part ~ our sunshine is in the front 
...  so interspersed with flowers will be our veggies ...
Our home sit up on a bit of a bank 
trailing in down will be 
zucchinis • yellow summer squash • winter squash 
and pumpkins
We have strawberries in with our roses and herbs everywhere... 
Its so wonderful!!!
I just Lve it!!!

We stumbled upon this wonderful site..

Lost Gardens of Heligan

it is in Cornwall, UK
we have dreams of going there one of these days 

we're trying to figure out how
we could have something like this out back!

gardening requires lots of water
most of it in the form of perspiration
Lou Erickson

In all things of nature 
there is something of the marvelous

.. For Fun .. 

cultivate the garden within


...... . ♥ ......

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I was so tickled when 
a gal from 
the big state of Texas emailed me 
and asked if I could illustrate two favorite poems... 
 off they go  -  sooo cool!


windrock studio said...

Oh, wow! the mud maid is awesome! and so are the drawings you did for the poems, Lisa, just lovely.
How wonderful to have strawberries in with your roses and herbs, sounds like a perfect garden spot.
Hope y'all have a terrific weekend there.

Louise said...

Wow your illustrations are just amazing!!!

laccentnou said...

So cool, Lisa! And congrats on illustration request! It must be so exciting!

I enjoy staying outside especially 2 last days, the wind is so warm and Mallorca dresses with poppies and beautiful... Spring is incredibly inspiring and hope-giving...isn't it?
have a great week-end!

Valerie Boersma said...

I love planting vegetables among the flower beds-and I've heard it's a good way to reduce garden pests too. I agree with you-it is wonderful, and I just love the mix of flowers and vegetables together!

That Cornwall garden is just amazing! I'd love to see it someday. And I love how you illustrated the two poems! Your work is just perfect:)

found and sewn said...

I visited the lost gardens of Heligan a few years really is the most amazing place!