Monday, April 30, 2012

I l♥ve a good Give-Away!!!

Happy Monday!!!

... even in the rain (which is what it has been doing for quite awhile now, humph) Mondays can be very exciting... a beginning. something new.  What could be more exciting than a Give Away??

give a little click and see all the fantastically fun goodies


I just found this lovely site ..
You are going to Lve it!!!!
Nina's photos are really gorgeous!
Anna and I have dreams of an England excursion 
Nina is inspiring us to keep at our savings .. one day we will fly over the big blue 
and trek GB!!!


Valerie Boersma said...

I'd love to go to England some day too-so much WWII history there!

Thanks for the giveaway information, and the link to tabiboo's beautiful blog! And free chocolate! What could be better than that!!

andrea creates said...

i've only been once with our school a long time ago but i;d love to go back :)

just entered the giveaway~
thanks for stopping by :)

kt40s said...

lisa i am catching up with your blog today I love the poems you wrote up and illustrated WOW! the garden idea yes! i did put you in the drawing today:)
xo katy

Lori P said...

Couldn't agree Monday's. Now. I'll check out that giveaway.

koralee said...

Thanks for the tip!