Sunday, September 25, 2011

The world has gone to the birds ♥♥♥

amazing artist 
 an absolutely must see shop

isn't this clever ~ 

I love this shop
wouldn't this be cute as a little soap dish?

fantastically fun!

 morning tea?

for your tweet-heart ...

I must confess
this is my first favorite shop on etsy
brilliant artist 
I just love all of her fabulous work
truly an inspiration 


. for sweetness itself ......

"me me love" is what the shop should be named!!!
WoW ... such talent


a few new gals in the ZiBagz shop
... old fashioned • proper • sensible 
Always the first one up in the morning... 
Always there to lend a kind ear 
and put you on the straight and narrow. 

... brilliant & artsy
Incredibly talented • life of the party
But don't wake her up til 10 O'clock!!!!

Nora and Helen ... Helen and Nora
Sisters through thick and thin
The have had their moments 
... but always end as best friends...♥

... smart & fashionable .. classy
Bright eyed & cheery.
Always your best friend.

always knows the latest... 
Her favorite saying... 
She doesn't gossip 
... so you'd better be sure and listen close the first time! 



windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, wow! you did find some great birdie links but Marilla and Rosie certainly won my heart ~ so very pretty.

mimilove forever said...

Shucks, thank you so much for mentioning me! :) I'm in such amazing company xx

Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Hi Lisa,

thank you very much for including my bird bowl here on your lovely blog alongside such sweet finds!

Louise said...

This is just awesome. I love LOVE your selections - what amazing talents there are - all seeing birds in different ways. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :)

Shebbodesign said...

Hey Lisa!
thank you so much for inclusing my painted tiny bird rock among all those wonderful bird creations!

Your birdie collection is truly wonderful!
Thank you,

andrea creates said...

I love all of these birds! Great theme :-)

SeaPinks said...

This is just delightful, thank you for the feature!

Susan - said...

Thank you for including my doll cup nest ornament. I LOVE these beautiful and creative bird items and your sweet fabric birds are fantastic.

nini said...

What a gorgeous feature!

Your girls are something really special; they look so delicately sweet and full of love.

I love all your works to be honest :)

Lori P said...

okay, I lost count of the ones I love the most after about 5. Began with the little bird shaped dish, then the tea cup, then...I forget. :)

Emily Gibbs said...

Such wonderful finds! Love the bird plate and the mobile!

The Witch Emporium said...

Lovely birds, nice blog :)