Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings ....♥

just for fun


where to put this beauty??
in the den
by the fireplace
next to the over stocked bookshelf.... 
with me & a cup of tea

I think I will put this in the den also

what does one say but
♦ • WoW • ♦

linger around the table .... 

most certainly....

don't you just lve his designs!!!

a perfect accompaniment for the gorgeous vanity

one of my very faves
I absolutely love every thing in this shop
wish I had a bigger budget ♥♥

 •  •  • 

new in the ZiBagz shop

~ enjoy ~


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

That chair, that sink...awesome!

And your bags are beautiful!

andrea creates said...

what great, natural materials and cool designs!
love your bags(as always) and all their great textures :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely bags, and very beautiful blog. Thanks for including us in the conversation, Lisa! Laura (and Earl).

windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, such wonderful finds ~ and your new bags are gorgeous!

Valerie Boersma said...

This collection is stunning! I am impressed by the creative genius that stone and wood have inspired here! And Lisa, your bags are always inspiring with your amazing combinations of textures and colors-I love them!

koralee said...

What fun...and I love your bags/pouches...pure delight my friend. xoxo

Kelly said...

love the chair and table
your new work is so festive with the fall colors of pumpkin and sweet potato....born in November...what can I say. kelly