Monday, September 12, 2011

Ready for Autumn?

... a must see shop.... 
I absolutely love everything 
creations fashioned after old world styles 
glamorous ♦ feminine ♦ and oh so elegant

for the romantic in you

wise words for the season just what color nail polish with these beauties???

Ooooo La La

WoW .... dreamy

Ok.... now I'm in the mood for fall.
How about you?

♦♦ New in the ZiBagz shop ♦♦

just for fun ...

made from vintage 1960s linen kitchen towel



Valerie Boersma said...

One of my favorite things about fall is the color! I just wish it could last longer-but when I need my fall color fix I will come here and admire all of these wonderful items you found.

Love your new keepsake wristlets-they are gorgeous!!

coloureen said...

Thanks for featuring my shoe clips! Your blog is gorgeous :)

Avery Hill said...

Love these bags and colors!
I'm excited for fall... New York is gorgeous in autumn!

So talented! :)


Louise said...

What a beautiful collection of autumn finds! I adore that Falling Leaves Keepsake Wristlet! Your work is just awesome, keep it up! :)

windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, love your new look here! and the new art/bags! and the wonderful links ~~ thanks, as always.

Esra said...

I'm honoured to be featured in your lovely blog!Thank you so much! :)