Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Silver Falls • Entiat • Washington

Advice from a WaterFall

go with the flow
roar with excitement
let your cares fall away
create your own music
immerse yourself in nature
stay active
make a splash!
....Ilan Shamir

I only went out for a walk
and finally concluded to stay out til sundown
for going out
I found
was really going in
... John Muir ~1913

Michelle ... being a waterfall

man's heart away from nature 
becomes hard
... Standing Bear

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature
if we unconsciously yield to it
will direct us aright
... Henry David Thoreau

new camp table ♥ 
nifty storage compartment 
LoVe It!!!

adopt the pace of nature
her secret is patience
... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cool Dip ... 

.... ahhhh .... refreshing!!!!



Louise said...

This post is absolutely wonderful! Just takes me away to nature... thank you for sharing, what a delightful set up and place. I adore the outline of the butterfly wings and the expression on the squirrel's face! Priceless.

andrea creates said...

pretty photos and inspiring quotes :)looks like a nice walk through nature!

Kelly said...

beautiful river photos and inspiring poems...loved every bit of this post...thank you. kelly

windrock studio said...

Very cool!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...beautiful post and quotes--I enjoyed this walk through the woods!

found and sewn said...

looks beautiful xx

Valerie Boersma said...

Looks like heaven to me! What a beautiful and inspiring trip to the wilderness-I want to be like a waterfall too:)

Thanks for sharing all of these great photos!!