Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lazy day

it was a wonderful lazy day yesterday 
... not too hot .. 
the breeze was blowing gently
the sky was sunny with high billowy clouds.
our big boy ... 22 pound Raggamuffin
was thoroughly enjoying himself...

new in the little ZiBagz shop

To be happy you must have taken the measure of your powers
tasted the fruits of your passion
and learned your place in the world.


windrock studio said...

Love these new bags! and also your big kitty!

Louise said...

Your bags are e-x-q-u-s-i-t-e! Not to mention that kitty. We always had ginger cats growing up - probably to match our ginger hair! ;D Love your creations.

Pretty Things said...

holy cow, but your cat looks EXACTLY like OUR 22 lb cat -- same color and everything!

koralee said...

Just had to pop on over to see your sweet new creations my friend. xoxo hugs

found and sewn said...

I love your cat!! your new work looks lovely too xx