Thursday, June 16, 2011

for the love of Wild West

I lived in  Arizona for my growing up years
... graduated from Deer Valley High School in 1984 ... 
moved to Cottonwood with a friend 
to be near the beautiful red rocks of Sedona
was truly inspiring
my heart still beat for such enchanting lands
you must visit this husband & wife shop
charming • delightful • alluring

free your spirit with a little something from this shop

you must check out the earrings at Stela9 as well
♥ simply gorgeous ♥

beautiful works of art from a talented photographer
with an eye for a western perspective

exquisite feather hair extensions and headband
to free your inner being
love love love feathers..... ♥
and this shop!

have been oogling over these boots ...
they are a size 11
wondering how it would be to stuff the toe with tissue...
a lot of tissue ... sigh

be still my beating heart
amazing amazing leatherwork

this is leather & lace .. wishing for smell-o-vision!
hand-poured candles by real Texans!

... more feathers ... 
"a dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up" •• Mae West
unique handmade jewelry for the  
 creative whimsical side of you!

for a taste the west and some really WoW photography
now this artist isn't technically 
from the west • as in the American Cowboy West
but her incredible work truly captures the spirit of wild and rustic
wouldn't you love to jot down your inspirations in this beauty???

dashing and full of the wild west
wondering if I could get the hubby to wear this?

I am in absolute awe of this artist's creativity
she has a wonderful ability to put life into her work
capturing the West with style

....... enjoy .......


creativityismessy said...

Beautiful picks! Love the western style :)

Thank you so much, Lisa!!

windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, we have an ongoing love affair with the Southwest, as well!
There are two sweet little grand girls being raised in Tucson, such a fun and interesting town.
The links you added are just awesome!
Thanks so much, as always.

Lauren Bauer Photography said...

Stunning Lisa! Brings me back home to the warmth of the desert, with painted skies, and monsoon rains.

Many thanks for including me here. I am honored!

karuski said...

Wow, amazing picks! Those boots are really cool, I love them. I don't think I could wear them here but a gal can dream, right.

Louise said...

What an amazing collection of beautiful creations! It sure is eye opening, how many talented souls are circling this world. Thank you Lisa for featuring my journal. FYI I always had this dream inside that I would travel throughout the midwest, so maybe that makes me in some way 'legit'. ;D

koralee said...

What fun over here today....I love everything. xoxox

Pretty Things said...

All the photos and pieces you chose are so very, very awesome.