Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Delights

Mixed  Media

because recycled matters!

Encaustic paintings and hand crafted items.

illustrator - leaf cruncher & ocean lover

using fire . hammer . pencils & brushes

one of a kinds from bits & scraps

Amazing Gourd Art

simple inspirations ~ simply inspiring

I couldn't have mixed media with out my favorite!

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found and sewn said...

Hi. I'm loving your new work. I really like the red check one x

andrea creates said...

these are really cool-love the doll especially-ill have to go check them all out :)
thanks for stopping by lisa~appreciate your kind words :)
have a super weekend~

Susan - said...

Thanks for featuring one of my encaustic paintings and your little bags are FANTASTIC! Love the first one with the red and cream-colored flowers.

Lori P said...

Nice list! I'm particularly loving the owl print and LOVE your button bag! It's so cute and colorful!