Tuesday, February 11, 2014

need a little color in your life?

... smile ...

my brain needed a little color

we woke up to 6 inches overnight Sunday morning
granted .. it's back the 40s today and for the most part all that white stuff melted
that was NOT what I had my sights projected on!

I know.. I know..  you are saying
boo hoo  for you... [ as the tiny violin plays ]
the glory of living in the Puget Sound area, Northwest WA
is the lack of the white cold stuff .. 
it is ok to have it in December and January and in the mountains
but after living many years with interior Alaska's 8 long months of winter in one whack
I do like the lack of it
we do have rain ... and rain .. and rain
in the winter months
but the grass stays green
some years pansies grow all through the winter season
and you don't have to shovel rain

.. enough rambling ..

here are some fabulous colorful delights 
for you to feast your eyes on

rich vivid colorful illustrations
are super fun and will really brighten the room!

Robin's shop jarmfarm
is one of my favorites
not only does she have all kinds of cool antique-y goodies
she make these awesome garden flowers!!

I know this is what you were telling me :o)
Now you've just gotta' luv Lenny Mud!!!
want a good chuckle .. you have to read
brilliantly funny!!

are just plain fun!
how could you not have a spectacular day wearing 
this fabulous piece of art!!

a swing in a splashy hammock 
would sure to bring all kinds of smiles

and remember no matter
where you are
or the weather ..

enjoy Baylee's playful & adventurous spirit 
through her gorgeous photos!

new in the little ZiBagz shop

to dream a garden 
and then to plant it 
is an act of independence 
and even defiance to the greater world

..Stanley Crawford

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends
A chance to share old memories and play our songs again

.. Ricky Nelson

Need ya, need ya
Baby love, oh, baby love

• Diana Ross

it's a helluva start
being able to recognize 
what makes you happy
.. Lucille Ball



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found and sewn said...

I love the first photo, just so pretty with all the Lupins. Your linen clutch is wonderful x