Thursday, December 06, 2012


learn to be quiet enough
to hear the genuine within yourself
so that you can hear it in others
Marian Wright Edelman


kt40s said...

i love this lisa!

Yael said...

Lisa, visiting your blog is always relaxing!
Enjoy your day! :-)

andrea creates said...

great quote!
have a super day lisa :)

windrock studio said...

So lovely, so true ~ thanks!

Yael said...

Dear Lisa, I do not mind at all! :-)

I tried to find the woman who wrote that lovely poem (found it on the net) but could not - I wanted to ask permission.
But I think she would not mind at all - I think, I hope, I am quite sure, she will like our love for it and your interest in it for the good cause! :-)

Valerie Boersma said...

Lovely thought, Lisa! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Lori P said...

Were we on the same wavelength or what? Have a great week!