Monday, December 17, 2012

Bohemian Winds

Bo • he • mi • an (n.)

1.  a person as an artist or writer who lives and
acts free of regard for conventional rules or practices

2.  one who live a wandering or vagabond life

3.  a free-spirited, open-minded thinker

___________   ❀¨•.¸¸.•¨❀   ___________ 

New in the little ZiBagz shop

if you reveal your secrets to the wind 
you should not blame the wind 

for revealing them to the trees
♦♦ Kahlil Gibran

.. enjoy ..


windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, I think I may be one of those boh-hee-mee-uhns! I know I really love all these new bags ~ each one is so beautiful!

Yael said...

Hi Lisa!
I LOVE your truly bohemian bags and the wonderful quote!
Wishing you a pretty good day! :-)

andrea creates said...

love this style! and your bags are great too :)
happy day to you~

Valerie Boersma said...

I love your bags, Lisa! The past few weeks it seems like the frenzy of the Christmas shopping season has pushed so much mass produced icky stuff at all of us, that I am so thankful for independent artists like you who create such beautiful works of art-made with such heart and soul:) Thanks for doing that!