Tuesday, September 25, 2012

.. smile ....

a smile is a cure that sets
everything straight
Phyllis Diller


peace begins with a smile
Mother Teresa


a smile is a facelift 
that's in everyone's price range
Tom Wilson

~ enjoy ~


Valerie Boersma said...

Lisa, I saw this quote today too-

"Use your smile to change this world.
Don't let this world change your smile."

I love the sentiment behind this post, and it's a good reminder that we should all smile more often. Your wonderful photos sure did the trick for me:)

Lisa Graham said...

The first photo you picked for your post created a HUGE smile.


...Nina Nixon... said...

I love that squirrel with his cheeks full.

Thank you for the quote - it made a whole lot of sense. I shall try and remember next time the grey sets in.

Nina x

windrock studio said...

Awesome images & quotes, Lisa! sure made me smile, thanks!