Saturday, September 01, 2012

Get Away from it All

we are tied to the ocean
& when we go back to the sea
whether it is to sail or to watch
we are going back from when we came
John F Kennedy

We spent the last 5 days 
in Olympia State Park.
First we hiked 3 miles into Sandpoint .. 
part of the Ozette triangle
spent 3 days 2 nights ..
then on to Sol Duc.

Pacific Coast
Olympic National Park

boardwalk into Sandpoint

first things first
.. set up camp ..

the sea will grant each man new hope
and sleep will bring dreams home ...
Christopher Columbus

the ocean is a mighty harmonist
William Wordsworth

camp food lifesavers

1.  MaryJanes Farm backpack meals 
.. very delicious if I do say so myself
organic & full of wonderful tastes
Anna & I love the Couscous & Lentil Curry
John & Dawson love the Chilimac
You can purchase them at REI
but I found better selection on her website
and since there were 4 of us we got the "farmhouse" size ..  serves 2 easily.

2.  Starbucks instant coffee
hits the spot first thing in the morning
no mess ••• no fuss

3.  packaged oatmeal 
+ trail mix 
+ fresh picked delicious Salal berries 
= YuMMy!!

the least movement 
is of importance to all nature
the entire ocean is affected by a pebble
Blaise Pascal

beach combing finds treasures of all colors and size

live in the sunshine
swim the sea
drink the wild air
Ralph Waldo Emerson

play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Sol Duc Falls

You can't have photos of the Olympic Peninsula 
with out one of the beautiful yet not always loved slug.
This fellow is stretched out to about 6 inches.

.. enjoy ..

** off to do laundry 
smelly laundry tip .. add a cup of vinegar


Yael said...

You had a GREAT outing Lisa, you can dwell on the memories for a looooong time! :-) Enjoy your Sun-Day!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love your photo-journal so much--it really breaths fresh air and discovery, recovery and peace!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Happy September!

I love that big rock and the reflections.

Nina x

andrea creates said...

beautiful photos~it all looks peaceful and serene :)
have a wonderful weekend :)

windrock studio said...

very gorgeous! looks like so much fun.