Sunday, September 09, 2012


we haven't had a good rain for months
this is Puget Sound • North West United States
we depend on the rain
feathery ferns & dripping mosses
green green green 

well .. that is the way it is suppose to be
yards are sooooo golden brown
the path in the woods is crackly rather than soft & spongy

new in the little ZiBagz shop

Rain is in the forecast for this afternoon!!!!

let the rain kiss you

let the rain beat upon your head
with silver liquid drops
let the rain sing you a lullaby
Langston Hughes

... enjoy ...


Yael said...

Lovely bags again Lisa - AND beautifully photographed! :-)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Enjoy the rain, Lisa! I love when you can smell it coming...

windrock studio said...

We've been missing the rain, too, I sure wish the weather would get back to normal ~ I can hardly remember what that is!
Lovely, sweet bags.

kt40s said...

Holy smokes not only are your bags gorgeous but your photos of them are spectacular! You go etsy girl you are rocking it!
xo katy

Lisa Graham said... is dry here too...We have a giant Silver Maple that may die due to two summers of drought. :(

BUT! I must say your bags are divine...I am loving number 2 today. Your photographs of them are very nicely done too Lisa.