Monday, July 16, 2012


Mount Rainier National Park

in the native language Rainier is Tahoma
"mother of many waters"
how very true

elevation 14,411
considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes
and right out our back door  ... hummmm....

the trees are God's great alphabet
with them he writes in shining green
across the world His thoughts are serene
Leonora Speyer

between every two pines is a doorway to a new world
John Muir

you feel so small in the forest of giant ancients
it makes you giggly 
it's like being a kid again  

Silver Falls

the mighty roar was deafening
what splendid power!

I love the little world 

a little hot chocolate pick-me-up?

the human spirit needs places where 
nature has not been rearranged by the human hand of man

Earth laughs in flowers
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wild Delphinium and Indian Paintbrush

the natives would use the beautiful purple/blue 
delphiniums as dye for their baskets

flowers seem intended for the solace 
of ordinary humanity
John Ruskin

climb the mountains and get their good tidings
nature's peace will flow into you 
as sunshine flows into trees
the winds will blow their own freshness into you
and the storms their energy
while cares will drop off like autumn leaves
John Muir

enjoy ....


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I like your kind of pick-me-up, Lisa, esp. surrounded by all that beauty.

andrea creates said...

what a beautiful place!it looks so refreshing :)

Lisa Graham said...

My kind of activity...especially the chocolate part. Well, and dangerous, beautiful volcanoes too. Your photography skills are amazing.

found and sewn said...

Lovely, it's so important to get outside and enjoy nature x

Louise said...

Just beautiful Lisa. I've always wanted to trek in the United States, this makes me pine even more! Thank you for sharing such wise words. I'm grateful to live in the middle of the bush surrounded by tall trees. x

Yael said...

Thank you Lisa for this wonderful photo journal - I enjoyed!! :-)

windrock studio said...

How gorgeous is your world! Thanks for sharing it.

Valerie Boersma said...

When we moved back to the Pacific Northwest after 6 years in New York I nearly cried when I saw Mt. Rainier! It is just so beautiful!!

Hot chocolate in the great good!!

koralee said...

Oh what lovely photos and words today. We really are blessed to have the best places to find ourselves in. Thanks for sharing. xoox

Lori P said...

Oh my - how beautiful! And I'm seriously copying down a few of those quotes. LOVE.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Oh my - that looks like such a beautiful peaceful place and such wonderful words.....thank you - it's just what I needed to lift my mood,

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina xxx