Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I always wanted to be Laura Ingalls ...

Although at this point we are not 
currently living in the country
part of me will always be there.

Sasse kids .. Louise, Minnie & Fred (grandpa)

My grandpa had a ranch 
 in the beautiful big sky country.
My momma was raised 
at the base of the Crazy Mountains
near Clyde Park Montana.
She is a country girl.

my grandpa Fred & his brother 

I lived on the ranch when I was just a pup.
I guess when you have that in your roots 
it is .. just there. 

One of these days........ wish

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Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I always wanted to be her, too. :-)

Our experiences are very similar--my mom is a country girl...and there is something of it in me. It won't let go...

Anonymous said...

Me too! I still have my sun bonnet my mum made for me the year we lived in America (1976) and whenever I'm snowed in I think of The Long Winter. Hope you get to be a country girl one day Lisa x

Valerie Boersma said...

There is nothing quite like the scent of laundry that's been dried outside. Fresh air is what I miss most in the winter, and I can't wait for the first day that it's warm enough to use the clothesline:)

kt40s said...

I loved her too! Her spunk, humor and she made braids cool:) I am checking out the link you put up looks like a great mag!

andrea creates said...

off to check the link...
i think there's a little pieces of wherever we grew up in us always :)

...Nina Nixon... said...

Oh I'm so with you though I can't really complain too much as we live near the sea.

Have a beautiful day

Nina x