Sunday, April 15, 2012

crazy bird ....

.... strangest thing ....

we kept hearing noises 
as if someone was throwing small stones at our window 

a beautiful Yellow Rumped Warbler 
outside the window is frantically trying to get in our house
he keeps flying into the windows

it is mating season
does he see his reflection 
and think it is a rival
a cutie pie???

out the kitchen window

he came around front

I can't imagine he can see his reflection through the screen
yet he keeps attacking this window

he's been at it for over an hour now
hopefully he just tires out
I hope he doesn't hurt himself

.... funny bird ....


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful bird!
I think I never seen a similar one here or in Russia.

Probably he just wanted to say HI to his new neighbours ;)

Lori P said...

Oh boy. Oh me oh my, I hope you don't get what we got last year. We had a cardinal that, literally, started in the spring and didn't finish until the end of summer. Every day - all day. lol Maybe this one is a little smarter. Great shots, too.

Yael said...

This is amazing!!! Because every spring it happens on our living room window too! I am calling my husband: "Look that crazy bird is here again", and I am always worried it will hurt itself! Yes, funny birds - in the name of Love! :-)
Thank you for sharing those awesome photos, I tried too, but did not succeed well.
Wishing you a happy day!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Does it help if you pull the shades? I'd be worried he could hurt himself, too. But he's so pretty!

Valerie Boersma said...

He is a beautiful bird! I wonder what he's up to as well!

Every spring the evening grossbeaks migrate though, and they hit our windows with alarmingly loud booms. Usually they are ok-just dazed for a few minutes. We've tried putting hawk silhouettes on the windows, and closing the curtains, but neither does any good. Poor birds! But they sure are pretty too:)

Your photos are gorgeous Lisa!!

slyraccoon said...

I love the photos in this entry! We have a cardinal who has been doing the same thing at the windows of our new house! Every day he is there tap-tapping at the windows.