Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tall Ships

Moving is not fun.
     packing all your belongings into little boxes has its challenges.
The kids and I were getting very grumpy
     ... to say the least ...

 we started reminiscing about the west side & believe it or not 
     ... we did miss the misty rain.
It's what makes the area so 
green ♦ lush ♦ and positively stunning 
in the spring with all the magnificent flowering rhodedendrons, azaleas and tulip trees. 

Then we thought ...
The Tall Ships 

that brought smiles to our faces...

Tall Ships Festival
Tacoma, Washington

Lady Washington

Maybe Anna & will have an adventure with the


The Zodiac  embarks on a three-day excursion into the San Juan Islands. 
The female crew members will demonstrate and supervise sail maneuvers. 
Passengers can raise the largest working mainsail on the west coast 
and take their turn at the helm of this 160 ft, 147-ton vessel.

At anchor, they toss kayaks over the side and spend  some sunny, summer evenings 
relaxing and sharing tales of life on the water– a trip by women and for women sailors!

Now that sounds like a plan!!!

I'm packing with renewed vigor!!!


Valerie Boersma said...

You are a lucky girl Lisa! As much as I love Eastern Washington, my heart belongs on the West side-near the water.
Your photos are gorgeous, as always, and that sailing trip sounds awesome!

Louise said...

Oh wow! What amazing images. Makes me want to 'set sail'.... That trip does sound amazing - and thank you for sharing! :)

Kelly said...

change...such an exciting and emotional sound good
and just many adventures
to of these grand ships are so cool...kelly

windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, as soon as I saw the gprgeous ships I called Larry over to take a look ~ we both swooned over their beauty and then got a chuckle when we saw the Nauti-Girls!
Thanks for sharing and best of luck on the big move.

koralee said...

Such beauty the tall ships..enjoy my friend. xoxoxo

Lori P said...

Sound beautiful. I hope your move is going well.

kt40s said...

I love the ship and I want to join you if you ever do the trip that would be so fun. Your new digs looks like it is going to be nice. Hang in there with the move:)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Think of the new places to explore!

Good luck with settling in and making your NEW nest!

Lorraine :-}