Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Red Russet and Rust

and she will be free 
like the leaves floating in the wind
and the stream 

>>.. josh abbott band

Cowgirl? Gypsy? a little of both? 
You'll love these Gorgeous fun Keepsake Bagz 
new in the little  

cowgirls aren't ment to be tamed
they need to run free 
till they find someone wild enough to run with them


I just can't get enough of this fall
it has been utterly fantastic!!
the days are warm with just a bit of nip in the air
evenings clear cool 
perfect for fires in the back yard marshmallows roasts 
and yummy cocoa

and the colors ....

how about you?
what's your favorite season?

autumn killed the Summer 
with the softest kiss 
 >>. d.j.

and the Sun took a step back 
the leaves lulled themselves to sleep 
and Autumn was awakened
 >>. Raquel Franco