Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gypsy Vagabond

         by ZiBagz

  Oh how you shine  
     with your heart full of moonlight
         and your soul full of stars ...


                 in the mood for a little bohemian?

tell me
what is it you plan
to do with your one wild and precious life
>> Mary Oliver << 

the fabulous Robin Brown at Magnolia Pearl

stay where there are songs
>> gypsy proverb <<

she dances to the songs in her head
speaks with the rhythm of her heart
& loves from the depths of her soul
>> Dean Jackson <<

do you suppose she's a wildflower?
said the daisy to Alice in Wonderland

we are all wanderers on this earth
our hearts are full of wonder
and our souls are deep with dreams
... gypsy proverb ...

~ enjoy! ~


Sheri said...

I love Bohemian! Vibrant colors and a wildly eclectic and free~spirited flair. You've captured all that I adore :-) Thank you!

Just be...... said...

The Gypsy Spirit is alive and well, especially in your design too!

Debra said...

Very lovely :-) Thank you. Love Debra (AllThingPretty)

Yael said...

What a lovely post Lisa, a feast! :-)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Just what the eyes need to wander over--love your new creation, Lisa!