Monday, January 26, 2015

... how to deal with cloudy . gray . foggy days

we are starting to really feel 
the increasing daylight! 


Here in the Pacific Northwest January is our rainy season.  

.. drizzly .. chilly .. foggy .. misty .. 

 the trick is to keep your spirits up 
and keep positive with so many shades of gray. 

It is important to be surrounded by life and color and greenery.

Open those windows shades and curtains.  

Fun whimsical colorful beaded 
hangly danglies catch 
the sun & bring smiles.  

Stained glass .. a fave!

We planted crocus and miniature iris
in perky green pots and 
put them in the window sill. 

Before too long we had an early taste of spring.. 

the sun is setting later and later ...

and everybody is love'n it!!!

>>. >>.. >>. >. >>>... >>..... >... >>>..

a few places to buy your own 
awesome suncatchers:


and after all 

gray skies are just clouds passing over 
>> Frank Gifford

.. and ..

clouds come floating into my life
no longer to carry rain or usher storm
but to add color to my sunset sky
>> Rabindranath Tagore

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