Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Chino Valley Gypsy Cowgirl Keepsake Wallet Clutch

wilderness is not a luxury 
but a necessity of the human spirit
>>....  Edward Abbey

repurposed black leather so incredibly soft ~ like butter

add a bit of southwest beauty {turquoise & silver} 
 embellished with fabulous leather fringe

... m.m.m.m.m delicious!

so this is just a little conversation piece
for those associated with Etsy
....  what is your view of the new improvements?

has it benefited you?

do you have more sells?

what do you feel about treasuries and now the lack of them?

is anyone as frustrated as I am?

don't get me wrong.. I love Etsy and have actually had my shop since 2009
I've seen a lot of changes over the years
some good
some not so good

however I have always loved the artistic indie spirit about Etsy... 
creative people 
inspiring shops
there was a really good vibe 
to the whole site...

something has changed
I can't put my finger on it.
It has a more 
commercialist feel about it
and frankly ...
what attracted me to Etsy in 2009
was it did not have that 
polished commercial feel

those are my 2 cents

any other comments?

1 comment:

andrea creates said...

love your bag! is it hard to sew leather? i've tried vinyl and have a hard time.
i agree with the etsy comments- i miss the treasuries and feel like it's harder to find what i want to look for-in my own dashboard or otherwise.i wish they'd bring back a few of the 'older' things...