Friday, May 23, 2014

drizzle .. drizzle ......

let's see
how does that little rhyme go?

rain, rain
go away
come again,another day
little Johnny wants to play

yep .. that's the one


fun stuff in the little ZiBagz shop

a garden is a delight to the eye 
and a solace for the soul
♦. Sadi

yours is the light 
by which my spirit's born
you are my sun 
my moon
and all my stars
♦. E.E. Cummings

Why .. he wondered
should he remember her suddenly 
on such a day
watching the rain 
falling on the apple trees?
♦♦ Daphne du Maurier

enjoy ...


andrea creates said...

Beautiful! Love the fabrics :)
Have a great holiday weekend Lisa !!

Lisa Graham said...

It's like Spring is here...these are wonderful bags!

We FINALLY got some much needed rain here in Kansas. Everything is green and happy now.

Hope the sun is shining for you today.