Monday, April 28, 2014

.. Road Trip ..

kids and I traveled across the 
Cascades to visit family

my dad made me beautiful 
Adirondack chairs for my porch

the drive was splendid
the weather was a bit chilly
we hit snow in White Pass
and not just a little

tulips were out in all their glory at Mossy Rock

we all love Spokane
especially Manito Park

Gaiser Conservatory, Manito Park


it was just one massive explosion of color!!

the west wing is the cactus garden

  orchid cactus

the grounds were abloom as well

** W A R N I N G **
you had to watch out for those crafty 
law enforcement personnel 

Spokane is an awesome little city 
on the eastern border of Washington

downtown is full of history and detail

including the absolutely divine 
{left corner}

Spokane is famous for her falls
which were quite ravenous

now you may be thinking
"Spokane, Spokane
seems familiar..
how do I know Spokane"

Benny & Joon ... of course

"You can't throw him out, I won him!"


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and the chairs are so nice :)

andrea creates said...

What a great road trip!And chairs!! I bet you love them : )