Saturday, January 11, 2014

a little Bohemian Sunshine ...

some people are so much sunshine to the square inch
~. Walt Whitman .~

❀¨•.¸¸.•¨❀ Bohemian Sunshine Shoulder Bag ❀¨•.¸¸.•¨❀

I have to tell you this was a a really fun bag to make….
 it's been soooo gray & drizzly 
it was like creating my own sunshine!

here's a few sunny finds to brighten your day
.. ... ..

just about anything from Katie Daisy's shop 
will bring a sure smile!!

just because it's sloppy out
doesn't mean you can't go out in style!
Grab some colorful SLUGS from

wear sunshine!!
check out all the pretty colors at

wear sunshine around your head

or snuggle up with sunshine around your neck

put a bright rainbow on your feet

and then curl up under a field of flowers
you must check out all the gorgeous handmade quilts at

keep your face to the sun 
and you will never see the shadows

               ……… enjoy!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

GREAT quote!!!!
Love your blanket and bag...STUNNING work!!!!!

windrock studio said...

perfectly beautiful bag! I bet it feels so good, too.
Thanks for sharing some of your sunshine.

Yael said...

Such a creative sunny bag!
Have a shining week Lisa! :-)

Lisa Graham said...

That's exactly what I thought when I saw your new beautiful bag...sunshine!

Hope yours is shining brightly today!

andrea creates said...

fun cheerful bag!
great quote and great finds...
have a super monday :)