Monday, September 16, 2013

Into the Woods

keep close to Nature's heart
and break clear away
once in a while
and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods
wash your spirit clean

- Muir 


Exclusively in the little ZiBagz Shop
just right for antiquing on cool fall days and nights on the town on crisp evenings 
... vintage plaid camp coat reassembled & embellished with antique lace, beads and leather fringe ......... absolutely lovely & sure to please any nature girl at heart! 

storms a brewing over head
the new season is coming in pretty fast
with it bring sweaters, warm fuzzy slippers, hot cocoa in the evenings and scrabble games

I love this time of year!!!

*** oh and drivers ed for my baby..
my how time flies
except of coarse when you are 
in the car with him .. but he is learning  


windrock studio said...

very pretty little bag, does look just like fall ... yeah, you got to have some good mama nerves to be in the car but it sure is important!

found and sewn said...

I love the vintage plaid with the crochet lace. Perfect for Autumn!

Lisa Graham said...

This sure would make a sweet little Christmas bag too.

Loving the bag in the last post too...especially the back side of it! Beautiful work as always.

Dawn of LaTouchables said... the car with him :-) Oh, Lisa, this is the loveliest pouch! You do the details so well, and I do love the pizzazz of the whole mix!