Friday, September 27, 2013

Azteca Winds

a light wind swept over the corn
and all nature laughed in the sunshine
♦Anne Bronte 3

The other day my daughter & I went into the "big city" ...►Olympia 
... I love living out in the country again!  

We .. of course, had to stop at the thrift shop 
to see if there were any treasures lurking on a shelf somewhere.
  I found a gorgeous vintage wall hanging
.. I say vintage every so lightly as it was 
more than likely from the 70s by the tag 
..  funny what vintage is anymore ... 

Velvety soft chenille in gorgeeeeeous bright colors •• 
deep black, earthy coppery brick, sage, maize, 
iris purple and green grass.  
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it 
.. but .. I had to have it!

my daughter on the other hand said
Mom.... what are you going to do with that???

All she needed was a little fringe 
and a couple of beads (of course)

... the newest keepsake at the little ZiBagz shop



andrea creates said...

it's beautiful~ love it :)
great photos too!

kt40s said...

it is wonderful i love the photo too!

found and sewn said...

Just lovely! Great photos x