Sunday, March 03, 2013

going tribal

I did a lot of growing up in the deserts of the southwest.
I just love the tribal bohemian style right now 
a bit southwest with a mix of gypsy

every once in awhile I get a bit of a longing for sand & desert
sometimes things can be too green.....  
New in the little ZiBagz shop



Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I hear you! Sometimes the bigness and aridness of a desert landscape just seems the perfect thing. Thanks for featuring me, Lisa, and I love your new work!

andrea creates said...

i'm certainly missing the warmth and sun of the southwest ;)
super bags !!

Lisa Graham said...

You always have so many inspiring things are your blog...and your tribal bags are really really awesome. I can see them hanging in a little shop we have here in downtown Wichita that is full of Native-American arts.

windrock studio said...

In total agreement here, love the gypsy/tribal thing, it moves my soul!
Also having a pull for the desert.
Your new bags are beyond desirable, my dear!

Valerie Boersma said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa-your new bags are stunning! Tribal, southwest, gypsy, bohemian...they gorgeously have all of that, and so much more! I am so very impressed with your work!

Unknown said...

Love your "Sometimes things can be too green" :)
I raised too on rust steppes and dust summer winds and your tribal bags and finds wake-up some nomad spirit inside myself!
Thank you, Lisa!

Yael said...

LOVE your bags Liza! :-)

found and sewn said...

Lots of inspiration! love your new bag x