Wednesday, December 26, 2012


December is about to end
January is peeking her head
2013 is rolling around the corner

a new year is a great time to reflect • re-calibrate
ponder on goals we accomplished and new goals to set
find the wind •hoist our sails and re-chart our course 

What was the single best thing that happened
to you this year?

What was the single most challenging 
thing that happened?

What was an unexpected joy?

What was an unexpected obstacle?

What was your single most time waster 
this year?

What was the single biggest thing about
yourself that you learned this past year?

enjoy &
... all the best this upcoming year!!

1 comment:

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Hi Lisa, it's quiet around the blogosphere these days, but I love stopping by your blog--for the refreshing breadth of your take on life...

Have a great New Year's and looking forward to seeing your wonderful blogspots and creations in the coming year! XXOO