Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm in a funk
is it the ever darkening days?
is it the weather?
is it the gray skies?

I will never forget advice from an Alaskan friend 
one decisively long winter
"you need to find beauty in the shades of gray"

*** view from kitchen window yesterday 

grey • gray • granite • silver • dusky • smokey • foggy • heather

misty mornings beg for a reflective mind
being in a "neighborhood" after having the lovely freedom of
 open space .. I have been feeling a bit closed in
anxiety crouches in on dim lit days

.... I'm all ... schlumpy.
♦♦Princess Bala. 


... so this morning as I was working at the computer
"photoshopping" new bags for my little shop

a visitor bounced by my window

he was so quick I really only captured his tail!!

a little reminder that Olympia still has a wild side.

cool, huh!!!

New in the little ZiBagz shop


and remember ...


Unknown said...

There is so many beauty in the shades of gray, isn't it?
The view from your kitchen window is fairy breathtaking...
And your "Rustic mornings" drives me crazy! :)

Your purse, I happily own, is my every day pride! I feel so good every time I take it out of my bag and show it to the world...:)xo

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I so get what you mean with the blues--we need raw beach weather now and then, don't we? The endless horizon, the rolling waves, life washing up at our feet...

Beautiful work, Lisa!

Louise said...
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Louise said...

Wow, your posts are always such a treat Lisa. Full of surprises, wonder, wisdom and beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing! I adore your new little bags. Wish I had such visitors!! I would be blown away by that!!!

andrea creates said...

i know what you mean.sometimes i feel dreary when the weather's been dreary for too long.

love your new bags!especially the cross body :)

i've had a few deer visitors lately too! i only got a quick snap on my cell phone though.once they see me they're usually quick to leave ;)

windrock studio said...

Oh, girl, you are surely finding the beauty! That image out your kitchen window, wow! The tail shot of your surprise visitor is a double wow!!
And your delicious art bags, and Emily, just really brightened up my day. Wise words from an eight year old, as well. Lovely shades of gray are not all bad ~ big, soft hugs to you this morning.

Lisa Graham said...

Good advice from your Alaskan friend. Wow on your first photograph...I would love to have a mural in my dining room...just for the winter.

Beautiful bags and post Lisa! Love that first bag so much!!

found and sewn said...

What a beautiful view from your kitchen window. Love the quote too, wise words. enjoy your weekend xx

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Love that quote about painting yourself a different color. Children are so refreshing!

I understand how you feel about neighbourhood versus open spaces. I often think about places such as New Mexico with the vast landscapes and skies.

Lorraine xx