Saturday, October 06, 2012

small things

New small things in ZiBagz Shop

and not so little ....

....  enjoy ....

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I have to announce the shop opening of a very favorite artist/seamstress

Victoria Borondo of

and here lovely blog  "here"

she's wonderfully inspiring


akatombo said...

Victoria's blog is so beautiful, cannot help admiring it!

And I also fell in love with this cute RazzleBerry pouch. Actually I love all ofthe new ones, but this one is my favorite ;)

windrock studio said...

Hey Lisa, that wonderful first quote I've had in my book for awhile and just used it in a birthday wallhanging for a young friend who keeps chickens ~ it turned out nice.
That marvelous second quote in going in my book right now! And your new bags? Just lovely, each & every one!

found and sewn said...

Hi Lisa.
I love your new pieces, they are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing my shop opening on your blog xx

Unknown said...

The prettiest little things, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

oh that messenger bag is lovely!