Sunday, July 08, 2012

perfect Pacific NorthWest day

the sun is shining
the sky is blue
the birds are singing

...  SuMMeR  ...

our life is frittered away
 by detail
simplify ~ simplify
Henry David Thoreau

destination Staircase Rapids
Olympic National Park

wild flowers in the beautiful Skokomish Valley


tasty .. not as delicious as raspberries
make a wonderful jam or syrup

my firstborn
and her favorite activity
so glad .. some things never change   

forget not that the earth
delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play 
with your hair
Kahlil Gibran

Hoodsport at lowtide

the beach is littered with oyster shells

a little oyster stew anyone?


lunchtime at El Puerto De Angeles

how did this Mexican Beauty end up here 
in the NorthWest????

we're here!!

to sit in the shade on a fine day
and look upon verdure
is the most perfect refreshment
Jane Austen

easy trail along the river

ferns everywhere
growing on everything

all I have seen
teaches me to trust 
the Creator for all 
I have not seen
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I only went for a walk
and finally concluded to stay out till sundown
for going out
I found
was really going in
John Muir



andrea creates said...

really pretty scenery!

enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Louise said...

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you Lisa. x

Lisa Graham said...

Beautiful post Lisa!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...quite the beautiful wandering!

windrock studio said...

I want to be on that trail by the river! Thanks for all this ~

Valerie Boersma said...

Living on the east side, I miss the companionship of salt water and ancient trees. Thanks for these beautiful photographs!

Lori P said...

Oh wow! I LOVE those quotes - copied down a few. The images make me want to move west. It looks like a beautiful place.