Saturday, May 05, 2012

Super Moon & Moon To Moon GiveAway

Tonight the full moon will appear 
closer than usual  
actually it will be a bit closer 
as my 15 year old science-techie son explained 
the moon does not circle around the earth
   it is more of an egg shaped orbit
the moon will be at its "perigee" 
vs its "apogee" which is the furthest away
so what that means to me is
a huge hi/low tide 
and that means awesome beachcombing!!
Science is good!!!


Moon To Moon GiveAway!!

Come on over to Gabi's gorgeous site and try your hand 
at winning this beauty!!
Winner will be picked May 13 ♥♥♥


and I have a strong urge to watch 

~ enjoy ~

1 comment:

kt40s said...

lisa i love the new site moon to moon thanks for the link. moonstruck is one i can watch again and again i love when she gets the gray out such a fun scene:)