Wednesday, May 23, 2012

floating homes

          If ........

I have always dreamed of living 
in a house on the water.  
For one ... I love the simplicity of the homes .. there are compartments for everything ♦ fun really
two ... couldn't get any closer to the water
and if you didn't like your neighborhood 
Sail On!

The Sea 
once it casts its spell 
holds one in its net of wonder forever.
Jacques Cousteau

new in the ZiBagz shop

♦ this is a fun little bag ~ while we were in Long Beach 
I found a little handwoven tea towel
that just beckoned  me to give it new life ♦

••• This lovely bag has been sent to its new home in 
Mermaid, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Isn't that perfect!!!
Oh... how I wanted to hand deliver this one!!!! •••



the waves of the sea
help me 
get back to me
Jill Davis


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Amen! Your little beauties have surely found numerous homes on or near water...the atmosphere you painted here is lovely!

Valerie Boersma said...

I love these posts of yours-like a handful of treasured postcards that I want to look at over and over!

Mermaid indeed! It doesn't get any more perfect than that Lisa:)

Tracey said...

O the Lady Augusta Bracknell wristlet is FANTASTIC!

I agree with Valerie: wonderful, dear postcards! Lovely work my dear. :D

windrock studio said...

Be still my heart ~ such beauties! I love the new header and all the little bags ~ I know you did want to deliver that one to Mermaid! absolutely perfect, I'm going now to check out these interesting links.
Oh, and I'm happy to see one of your sweet birds here, too!

Yael said...

Living on a house boat - what a dream!!!! :-)
Artful bags you made Lisa, very beautiful!

...Nina Nixon... said...

What a fabulous post - I can really appreciate the pull of the sea. I wonder if when we ever move away if I have that strange urge to seek it out when I can.

Nina xxx

kt40s said...

i love house boats too and i am not giving up on owning one, one of these days!! I love your bags they just have a fresh salt water vibe.