Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful day ........... ♥

the true meaning of life
is to plant trees
under whose shade
you do not expect to sit
Nelson Henderson

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Valerie Boersma said...

I love that quote. It's so important to make a difference, even when we won't actually benefit from it.

It reminds me of Central. A few years ago the students overwhelmingly voted to allow an increase in their fees so that a new and improved student union building could be constructed. Yet most of the students at the time would be graduating before the building would be completed. It was pretty selfless of them-and it has really meant a lot to those students who have come to Central since.

Have a great weekend Lisa!

koralee said...

That is one of my favourite quotes! I love all those images in your collage...have a beautiful day and thank you for your sweet comments you left me the other day. xoxoxo HUGS

Unknown said...

Amazing quote, Lisa!!! Thank you!

And thank you again for the double feature!