Thursday, December 09, 2010

Beeeee ---- utiFuL

An ode 
To our industrious little friend ......

 hand thrown pottery bee from Blue Room Pottery 

 Honey Jasmine Natural Perfume from the Spa Goddess

handmade beehive wool felt pincushion from Sea Pinks

crocheted bumble bees by Sabahnur

cute little bee & flower stud earrings by karramba

handmade fabric bee brooch by BlueTerracotta

Amelia Bumble print by The Black Apple

The Only Bee in My Bonnet bookmark by Rocket Girl Design

Sweet Honey Bee Vintage Wax Seal Stamped Ring by HappyGoLicky

Small Bee Hotel by Wudwerx

In the Garden Porcelain Bowl by NKP Design

Bees Knees ceramic necklace by kylie parry studio

_____..._____   ~*~  _____..._____
Finally for the eco side you... 
 Organic Pest Control Bee Box 
to attract aphid eating bees...

A wonderful shop that offers eco-friendly 
items for your home and garden 
made from recycled wood.

Try your chance to win 
a $50 giveaway to use in his shop.
It's easy... give it a whirl!!

Bee Happy!
Bee 94 by RozArt


Sabahnur said...

ahhh how amazing theme and post
thanks for the feauture

BlueTerracotta said...

What wonderful tributes to the bee! Thanks for featuring my brooch!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

What a great tribute to the great, mighty, but modest, bee!

Kylie Parry Studios said...

So many of my favorite sellers! Love this post! Thanks so much!

Cote Studio said...

Such a wonderful little post. Lovin' the necklace by Kylie of my favorite designers. Keep up the lovely finds.:)

found and sewn said...

I just love those little crochet bees.

Anonymous said...

Lisa this is such a happy and light post of finds!

Lori P said...

Oh my, but I am IN LOVE with those earrings. Must hop over...

Like Peter Design said...

Great post! I love the black apple. I have several of her prints.