Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sizzling Pink .. ~ .. Snazzy Chartreuse

by The Bijou Babe 

by ZiBagz

by Tupolo Honey

by Pear McGee

by Judy Stalus

by Contemori

by Handa Made

.......and how could we forget the little green guys???

by Made By Moxie

by Krize



New Hampshire Gardener said...

Wow Extraordinary color! Thanks so much for featuring my card.
Judy Stalus

maddyandme said...

beautiful, wonderful and cool! a fabulous curation. thanks for including me in such great company :)

Melody said...

Stunning collection, the Pink Parrot- Photo Note Card is my favorite.

Sharon said...

Love the collection! Bright colors are wonderful!!

Pear said...

Love the Strong colors! And your blog..oh my..lovely! Thanks for including my Amy Bag. I've been busy preparing to be a new grandma! The quilt is almost done.